Refreshing mint leaves

Let’s grow Mint

Mint is the pushy co-worker of the herb garden, the one who wants to be in your personal space. It is therefore best kept restrained within a pot even if you have acreage. Unlike other herbs mint loves water and can tolerate shade. Cuttings of mint can even take root and happily grow simply in a cup of water straight on your kitchen bench. Mint has calming and soothing properties and has been used for centuries to calm upset tummies and overexcited minds.

Mint is versatile in the kitchen and is useful as an appetiser and a palate cleanser. It can be used in anything from cocktails, desserts, sauces, teas and savory dishes.

Growing tips

Position in part sun or shade

Keep potting mixture moist

Cuttings can be grown close at hand on the kitchen bench simply in a cup of water. (Be sure to freshen water a few times a week).

 Mint as a herbal remedy


To aid in digestion or soothe stomach ache or indigestion a cup of fresh mint tea may give relief.

Relief from nausea and headache.

A few drops of menthol oil rubbed on the temples or under the chin helps to relive travel sickness.

Mood boosting

Mint can be used for both stimulation or relaxation with the smell giving an instant boost if you are feeling sluggish, anxious or exhausted. Putting a few drops of mint oil on your pillow at night may help you to sleep soundly.

Skin care

Mint oil is a useful antiseptic and can be used to lessen the duration of minor skin infections such as acne or soothe insect bites. Mint oil is often used in insect repellents as the strong aroma is unappealing to most biting insects.

Try these minty recipes

The Orange Orchard’s signature Mojito cocktail. Enjoy with friends.


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