About Me

Rachelle, owner of Orange OrchardInspiration, if you’re lucky, always comes from your family. And for me it is the stories of the generations in the not too distant past that give me gratitude for a simple and peaceful life.

My Grandfather’s family were Londoners, blacksmiths and printers at the turn of the 1900s. An existence of grey sooty skies and bitterly cold winters. For them World War 1 brought a call to arms and service at Gallipoli, the Western Front and Mesopotania. The War delivered them the loss of brothers and a future plagued by nightmares.

In the 1920s they sailed from London and settled in rural New South Wales. Surrounded by endless blue skies and tranquillity. They planted an orange orchard in the dark rich soil and grew a new life for themselves and the generations that followed them.

When I find myself swamped by hurry and stress of my own and others making, I often imagine that orange orchard, the smell of citrus, of blue skies and the buzz of bees. I remind myself of what’s important, simple and sustaining, the joys of building family and friendships, and the desire to create a peaceful and purposeful life.

Food undeniably, is a necessity of life. But for me it is also a history book, a family album and a warm security blanket. Food can be a means of creative expression with a plate being like a painters canvas, the ingredients the paint, and the mixing bowl the pallette. But food in it’s most important form is the centrepiece for extending our arms in nourishing kindness, of welcoming the world to ourselves and our table, of sharing whether we have a little or a lot. So please take up your spoons find your inspiration and create with great abandon, find what it is that fills your soul and your stomach.